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    Daily Living Aids Question

    hello Hope, i know exactly how you feel, having gone through the same thing. I eventually had to have my food pureyd so I could eat without choking. By then my neuro and wife recommended getting a tube put in.:roll: I didn't want it, but in the end, it was the best thing I ever did! i can...
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    Speak! :)

    i filled in the form on Friday, hoping they might consider a Canadian! I am glad I am not the only one who watches Star Trek! :razz: cheers!
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    Speak! :)

    i don't know if any have seen this, but I found it gave me some hope! let me know what you think! thanx, Shawn YouTube- Wireless neckband allows first voiceless phone call
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    Mom recently diagnosed - wants to do a natural detox?

    hello neighbour! tell your mom to go away! Literally! :-D when I was diagnosed, my wife and 2 year old son went to Florida for 2 weeks. We just needed to get away and feel normal! Too many people dropping in and phoning! now that I can't travel i am very happy i did go and see my little man at...
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    60 Minutes to feature ALS Communication Technology

    thanx! I'm actually looking forward to watching it! Shawn
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    Wheelchair Vans - Opinions on Features

    i have that chair Al. must be an over stock item at Sunnybrook!:lol: it is a great chair and i love the tilt. What is a venting option? When they set up the speed, get them to give you a faster max. mine can keep up with outside walking, but no more! And i know it'll go faster! our van is a...
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    Eye problems

    i have it happen to me whenever I see something very sad or happy on TV. My wife needs to wipe my eyes with a tissue-then I'm fine. It really stings. i have noticed that on shower days, and i tear up, it doesn't sting. So, maybe it is a buildup of junk in the corners? but the wiping really...
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    Causes of ALS

    hi Al, i have been good, except having had to remove my appendix (they put a breathing tube in! Yuck!), and recently inserted a feeding tube (yaay! no more choking! ). Both sent my energy levels way low. i have been visiting the site and reading lots, just don't have much to add. we applied to...
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    What did everyone do for a living?

    I was raised in the housing construction. Family business. At age 20 i moved to the city (Mississauga) and started my own roofing company. 17 years later, ALS.
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    Causes of ALS

    i think I got ALS when my dentist removed a rather large cyst below my upper two front teeth. Immediately my speech was slightly slurring. He said it would go away as I healed. It didn't. i got worse and was diagnosed 7 months later. Then a year to the day after the first operation, the cyst...