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  1. Shatzie

    What are first ALS symptoms?

    The extreme fatigue that came on you suddenly is a symptom of MG, so are the breathing problems. When an MG patient stops breathing and has to be hospitalized and intubated, it is considered a "Crisis". I have the muscle spasms and twitches also. Last week was a very stressful week for me and...
  2. Shatzie

    What are first ALS symptoms?

    I would check into being tested for Myasthenia Gravis.
  3. Shatzie

    Lumbar puncture test

    I did everything right including laying flat for 24 hours and still got a severe headache because they had to stick me five times. The radiologist who performed the blood patch told me there was nothing that I could have done to prevent the headache, because it was inevitable that I would have a...
  4. Shatzie

    Newly diagnosed with questons

    I live in Tulsa, too. What neurologist(s) has he been to? I would really recommend getting an appointment with the MDA Clinic in OKC. They have an ALS Specialist there that I still go to, although he no longer thinks I have ALS.
  5. Shatzie

    Nothing to lose trying MG drug

    My speech sounded like I had had a few drinks or a strong pain pill. Now most people don't notice I have a problem. Quite often there are days that it feels absolutely normal to me, but I usually feel like I now have a slight lisp. After I went on Mestinon, my swallowing improved so much I...
  6. Shatzie

    Nothing to lose trying MG drug

    Although there are several medications for MG, the mildest and first medication that you are given is Mestinon. When I went to my new neuromuscular specialist last June, he noticed that there had been no progression in the four months since my diagnosis except that my FVC went from 96% to 94%...
  7. Shatzie

    Lumbar puncture test

    I have learned from experience that when you get a lumbar puncture or spinal tap, you should insist on having it done in radiology. I was diagnosed at a ALS specialty clinic, but they had to stick me five times to get enough fluid to test. Then I had a severe spinal headache for the next 24...
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    Vitamin B-12 for Muscle Cramps

    B-12 I was told by my doctor to make sure to get sublingual B-12, the liquid or tablets that you use under your tongue.