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    Regret and flashbacks

    I am coming up to 5 months without my husband. I have all the same feelings of regret and guilt. Working and caregiving took a toll. Everyone says to me how wonderful I was, how strong I was. I feel guilty when they say that because I think of the times I lost my temper and wished I was...
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    If I hate myself how long before he does

    Jomeha - yes, I feel the same way. I have 2 older children and my daughter (29) comes over to help a lot. My son (32) works a lot so can't come as much but he does whenever he can. It takes l all of us to care for him. My husband was diagnosed in 2016, I look back year to year and see the...
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    Severe Gas pain

    Thanks for your help. Still trying. Found out he has a lot of stool that won't come down, so trying various meds and hopefully it will help, but I'm sure it will come back again due to the illness and not be able to push or intenstines not working they way they should. This disease is awful!
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    Severe Gas pain

    My husband has started getting severe gas pains in the last couple of months. He is on hospice care. They tell us to use gas meds, milk of magnesia, enemas, he's even taking morphine and larazpam as part of meds from hospice. Nothing works. Has anyone else had problems with gas. we also...
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    Tired, guilty,stressed

    YES, it is a very hard battle for both. We are in our 5th year. My husband has a power chair, feeding tube, cough assist and i gaze computer. He is 61. It is a battle to find good aides. The things that help me. I meditate, mostly Deepak and Oprah 21 day meditations. I try to summon...
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    How do you all feel ?

    I also suggest getting help with aides. We had to go on medicaid. It was a long, hard process, use a lawyer, but well worth in the end. We could never afford to pay out of pocket. My children help when they can, but have their own jobs and lives. I know everyone always says to me "let me...
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    How do you all feel ?

    I know exactly how you feel. My husband was 57 when he was diagnosed in 2016. This last year has been the worst. He cannot do anything for himself either. I have a couple of aides to help as I work full-time. The rest is on me. I grieve for my life back as well and I am tired and exhausted...
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    Caregiver Needing a Night of Rest

    My husband makes all those noises of moaning and groaning trying to roll over also. I work full-time and had to move to the bedroom next to him. I can still hear him sometimes during the night but I don't get up unless he calls me to urinate. I am now going to try the texas catheter so he can...
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    Babe feeling overwhelmed

    I am a new member here. My husband was diagnosed in June of 2016. This year has been the toughest. We had to get a van, a power wheelchair, an I gaze computer. I too go downstairs to get christmas decorations and see his workshop that he has not been able to go to anymore. I am dealing with...