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    Bulbar VS Arm onset

    Briana - much of your sisters symptoms are similar to mine. My first symptoms were choking 10 years ago. Then numbness and burning moving up my throat and into my mouth. Wasn't until 4 years ago I began to have problems in my neck and then shoulders. I slowly became less and less able to...
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    Night waking?

    Do consider the prostate issue. I was getting up 6 times a night until my Dr. prescribed flomax (great name eh?). It is a smooth muscle relaxant and it did the trick for me. I open up the capsule and pour the little beads in my PEG at dinner. I think every male in my family by the age of 55...
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    Feeding tube?

    Alma - best of luck tomorrow with the PEG tube. Have had mine a year now and I am more than grateful. It is easy to use and as my swallowing has deteriorated I just don't have to worry about getting nutrition. It just isn't a big deal to live with but is a livesaver. Dan
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    My website

    Thanks Joel - I really appreciate your perspective. Dan
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    Granulation round peg stoma

    I haven't had any infection but I have had granulation at my PEG site. They use a cream that stings (can't recall the name) mightily but cleared it up and it hasn't come back. Not at all a big deal. Hope that helps. Dan
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    Swallowing problems

    My initial symptoms were choking and as of now I take all my food by PEG tube. On the other hand my speech is still pretty good, just have to deal with saliva. I never had pain or tightness though in my neck. I think we are all just unique in progression. If the swallowing study might give...
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    Are your symptoms/progress affected by weather?

    Mary Jo - for me heat leaves me very tired but cold and the winter is much worse on my bones. I doubt the temperature has any effect on progression but certainly has a lot to do with comfort which effects your attitude and energy level and that is very important. Dan
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    Op-ed on ALS in LA Times

    This is obviously a very smart and thoughtful man but like many of you I find it sad that he has painted himself into such an intellectual corner. What I am finding is that indeed my list of 100 things loses entries, but doggone it entries get added too. The touch of my wife's hand on my arm...
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    I get stabbed September 15

    Glen - best of luck with the procedure. I bet you'll be happy you did it. As for burping, anyone else burp through their tube? I do, much to my children's embarrassment. Can't do the alphabet, more of a bubbling cauldron effect. Dan
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    Peg tube info. wanted, please

    Glen - Barry's description of his tube and how he feeds himself is precisely what I do. Got my tube last August and as has been said over and over here, it was a life-saver. best of luck Dan