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  1. shieldsee

    Please Review and Comment: ALSinfo

    The weblink for “The ABC’s of ALS” returns a web hosting "Account Suspended" message. gdk: now points to
  2. shieldsee

    Still here thanks to RCH4

    Weird Tim, I'm intrigued by your comment that 99.9% of RCH4 users don't post on forums. Since there are at least three users here, that would indicate that about 3000 are using the compound. If so, this is indeed a generous charity. Do you think there are that many users?
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    The defective gas mask thing was classic. Request permission to borrow.

    The defective gas mask thing was classic. Request permission to borrow.
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    Woke Up - Air Hunger

    Peter, please allow me to echo the sentiments of others here who appreciate your candor and admire your courage. You mentioned that your wife reads to you at night. With regard to the issue of this circumstance having turned you/us into "something that must be cared for", I wonder if you or your...
  5. shieldsee

    Mouse experiment

    Wickedly satirical... I love it!
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    Quoting and moving

    Re: Symptoms worsening in 2 months I agree wholeheartedly with Preacherman. Early symptoms and progression are variable and unique. I was diagnosed in 2017 but had subtle and insidious symptoms as far back as five years earlier. Reading the DIHALS board is frustrating when the same handful of...
  7. shieldsee

    Things that you do not hear about ALS

    Pete, in the prologue to your repost you mentioned smell. What about it? Do you experience phantom smells, altered sense of smell, inability to smell? I experienced phantosmia for a number of years prior to my diagnosis, but it significantly abated with the progression of my limb weakness. All...
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    Too rough humor?

    The nurses are cute...
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    Experience with Clinics in Los Angeles?

    I was diagnosed at UCLA and have attended clinic there. I would rate the staff and care that I received average at best. I too am considering a switch to Cedars.
  10. shieldsee

    Smoke Smell

    I began experiencing a similar phenomenon that I've since referred to as phantosmia (olfactory hallucination) about two years prior to my becoming symptomatic of progressive muscular atrophy. The characteristic of the smells changed over time - starting with a mild sickeningly sweet smell, then...