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    insurance question

    Try to help Unionized means that the employees has a union representing them now. They are a basic meadiator for the employees to the company. If you can find out who the Union is and there name. Maybe from someone that your husband worked with. Then I would try to call them and speak to...
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    Lost my Beautiful MOM!

    Thank you You are all so wonderful and you will all be in my prayer. And I will come back time to time to say "Hi". Love, Amy
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    Lost my Beautiful MOM!

    Thank You It is so nice of all of you to reply. You are all such wonderful people out there. And You all understand what this all means to each and everyone. Again Thanks, Amy
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    Wes McLeod is gone.

    So Sorry! You and your family went through a hard time and I am so sory for your loss. God be with you and your family! It is very hard, I know I lost my mom on the 29th of November. I try to look at it this way They can walk,talk and breath again and they are so happy to have our Love! Amy
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    Lost my Beautiful MOM!

    Thank You So Much! And I am sorry about your brother also!
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    Lost my Beautiful MOM!

    On November 20th, 2008 I lost my Mom. She was as beautiful in life as she was in death. I would like to share with you all the last two weeks of her life. She went into the hospital for her upper respitory. She wasn,t in there a week and they put a feeding tube in. She ended up in the ICU...
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    CURE ALS shirt sizes. Advice?

    Hi, as in my experiance I sell more XL and LG than any other sizes. And Please let me know your website I would Love to check them Out. I am a screen printer that just opent a year and a half ago. It is My mom and I place. Unfortunatly she was diagnosed 5 months ago. Good luck on the...
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    beginning of ALS

    This may help, I have been reading through the forums about every day since I signed up. And I have found may useful things typing in the seach. You may find more answers this way too. My Mom was just diagnosed 5 months ago and hers started in the right leg. I have read others that have...
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    What do I tell My Children

    Thanks, Al and Ashley, I do want ot be honest but I thins I will give it in baby steps. I think if I just tell her it all at once it maybe too much. Al I did read over the link that you gave me I will read more when I have a little more time. I thank you so much. Bless all of you, Amy
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    What do I tell My Children

    Since, My mom was diagnosed with ALS. I have been putting off telling my girls which are 9 & 6, what is going on with there grandma. I am so afraid it is going to shatter my oldest daughters world. They know something is going on, but they are not sure. The other day when I took my daughter...