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    Just Returned From The Mda/als Clinic

    I am very happy for you Tom. I wish you all the best.
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    tongue color

    yes, there is something in LA that I do other than worry about ALS, such as when I am not working 40 hours a week just simply to afford to live near my family, I spend my off time helping homeless in downtown LA find work/shelter, helping to feed the poor at the Lawndale soup kitchen, helping to...
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    tongue color

    Thank you for replying to my questions. I truelly appreciate it. I am not afraid of needles in my body - I actually have a high tolerance for pain. I just feel that the day I go in and take an EMG will be the day the doctor tells me I have ALS. That is the primary reason why I haven't...
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    tongue color

    I have been to two different neurologists and they have given me exams, all sorts of blood work, an MRI on my brain - everything is clear according to them. They keep wanting to call it stress but I know my body and this is "something". I know it is not stress. I haven't had an EMG as I am a...
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    tongue color

    neck My neck seems to have swelling around the colar bone area on both sides. It is strange. It seems new and is softer in those areas - seems fatty almost. I am a slim person - 6 ft 160 lbs, so this seems different. Does ALS cause this? I am very scared. For months, I have had slight...
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    tongue color

    My tongue seems to have a slight white look to it, almost like a soft, subtle white coat. Nothing major but it seems different. Among other signs, can this a sign of ALS? Also, I am conflicted about the tongue "twiches". I have heard some say that is a sign of ALS and I heard Wright post...
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    Hi Lou, I understand what you are going through. It helps to hear someone else speak like that as I sometimes feel simply like complaining on this forum - not to discourage anyone but for the sake of catharsis. I just feel so alone, upset and bitter. I don't know what is going on with my...
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    Sometimes I get random swelling that has occurred in mainly in my hands but has occurred in my lips as well. It is odd. My hand will just suddenly swell up. I have never had this type of reaction before. Is swelling like this associated with ALS? I have what seems to be other ALS symptoms -...
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    Military ALS

    Does anyone know why the military seems to have a much higher rate of incidence with ALS? Is there any particular reason or theory as to why this is the case?
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    eye exam

    Both times I went to the Neuro with my problem, as part of my check, they looked at my eyes with the scope and light. I didn't ask why. Is there any particular reason they would be doing this? Can signs of ALS be spotted this way? Thanks for listening.