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    Private Caregiver Forum

    I'm not sure why it's unworkable, but I appreciate the thought. There are forums that I'm not allowed to visit. Says I am not authorized. So, I assumed it would be. No hard feelings. I am not comfortable with this type of forum layout. However, I know that you do minister to lots of...
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    Caregiver Resentment

    You know, first of all, I was not complaining in great deal. I do not complain about how hard my job is. I was simply saying that I get resentment sometimes. It's normal and we need a place to vent. I am very thankful that I am not the person with the disease. I 'd MUCH rather be in the...
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    Romantic Evening Ahead

    I'm so excited. I'm going to help my MIL with a nice romantic dinner with her husband. He's got to go out and run some errands. I'm going to go over and do my usual chores. Get her dressed up nice and fancy. She loves to, just needs help. She'll pick out the menu and I'll cook it for...
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    Caregiver Resentment

    I just spoke with my MIL about some of my feelings. She LOVED it. She says that everybody shelters her from themselves. She says there's not much she can do for folks these days. But she is a great listener and can offer her input when asked. I never really thought of that. She wants to be...
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    i got very good news

    Why is this thread still open?
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    Caregiver Resentment

    So, I'm getting all these feelings inside me. I am disappointed more of the family isn't helping out. I 'm disappointed with family because I think they're not taking this seriously. I'm disappointed with my FIL because he's not putting his foot down to my MIL. I'm disappointed with my MIL...
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    VERY nice job on the bathroom. Do you find the whole bathroom floor gets wet? Not that it's a...

    VERY nice job on the bathroom. Do you find the whole bathroom floor gets wet? Not that it's a problem. Curious. We will most likely do a similar setup.
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    Neina, March 8/2009 RIP

    My thoughts are with you and your family right now.
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    Travel Power Chair?

    Yes, the prices are crazy. My MIL just got a second wheelchair for upstairs. And it was around 3k. Nuts
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    Handsfree toileting

    How much do these cost? They sound awesome. I'm going to refer this site to my inlaws.