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    Theme Song for ALS Patients

    Wow! Wow, wow,wow. This song goes straight to the heart. It's packed with love and big musical talent. This is a powerful, moving tribute- I hope many get to hear this. (Warning-listen to this music with a box of tissue handy!) Thank you Al for sharing it!
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    What causes cramping?

    Hi, Wondering what physiologically causes the cramping? (I've been experiencing a lot of charlie horse cramping in my left foot, it's starting up in my right foot.)
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    Sleep studies and ALS

    Thanks for the good information. Turns out my sleep study only tested for O2. Interesting about effects of CO2. Al, it helps a lot to sleep on my side. I find it harder to breathe sleeping on my left side than my right (muscles are weaker on the left side of my body, feels like...
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    Sleep studies and ALS

    Hi, I'm wondering if sleep studies show abnormal results with ALS. I'm not diagnosed but am going to a MDA clinic soon because of fast progression of severe weakness. I had a sleep study recently. My respiratory muscles ache and feel like they are struggling hard to expand when I lay down on...
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    Hello, I'm new, concerned, and in need of advise

    Thank you all much for your responses. Especially for the MDA list and the encouragement to get to a clinic. It gave me peace of mind to see a clinic (not so far away) listed on it. It is within driving distance--about five hours. Thanks to my husband's persistence, one of my doctors and her...
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    Hello, I'm new, concerned, and in need of advise

    Hi, this is my first post. I have been visiting and reading your posts this past week. I am finding such good information here and a whole lot of inspiration! I have not been diagnosed, but have some pretty severe symptoms. I have lost much strength in my limbs, particularly my left side. I...