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    Swapping Bad Cells with Good in ALS

    Rest of the article here:
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    Stem Cell Research Progress (breakthrough?)

    Encouraging news. It's only a matter of time until there is a significantly better treatment and a cure.
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    Could it be...?

    You don't have it...find something else to worry about.
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    i will appreciate if u answer..

    Are you on any medications? ALS/MND's are extremely rare for someone your age, but not impossible.
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    still the same

    Those ripples in your tongue could be from anything, probably some kind of nutrient deficiency but could also just be normal. Are you biting your tongue when you eat? difficulty swallowing? slurred speech?
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    question about neuro exam

    You have that on your side too, not impossible, but pretty rare in people under 40. I think I read a stat that only 5% of people with ALS are under 30.
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    question about neuro exam

    What's your age?
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    Anything to be worried about?

    Thanks for your response. What about the decreased reflex in my left ankle/achilles? Anything to worry about regarding ALS or is that a different issue?
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    Anything to be worried about?

    23 y/o male. Have been twitching for over 8 weeks now. Get them all over, but mostly in my legs, in particular my left calf. I started taking Paxil 6 weeks ago for anxiety/depression. Since I've been taking that, the twitches have become regular when I'm at rest, not sure if it is related to...
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    Really Worried-shoulder pain/fatique?

    Sounds like anxiety. Doesn't sound like ALS at all.