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    Heart Broken

    Thank you Thank you Violetivy for your kind words. I hope she would feel the same way, actually she probably would. Thanks
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    Heart Broken

    Thank you Renee, I believe that too.
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    Heart Broken

    Thank You Thank you all so much
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    Question on Beds and Sleeping

    Hi, The hospital bed that we had for my mom had an air mattress on it. It had a comfort control on the side of the bed. It could be made firm or soft. My mom slept on her side up until she passed away. We had so many different pillows that are available too. This bed was wonderful. I believe it...
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    Mom has passed

    Hi Chuck, I know just how you are feeling. I lost my mom on Dec 22, 2008. She was a wonderful person and mother I am sure. She sounds alot like my mother. She made the choice not to have the breathing tube and the NDR when you were not there was truly her gift to you. My mom also made those...
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    Heart Broken

    Thank you all for your kind words and condolances. I wish I had of known this site was here along time ago. I am finding a strange feeling of peace as I read the words of support that everyone shares to both the wonderful people past and present who have ALS.
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    I just wanted to say hi.... I found this site a few days ago just because I think Iwas looking for answers to so many questions I had. I lost my mother on Dec 22,2008. I am having a hard time with accepting this whole thing. It was a very hard and trying journey that I regret having to go...
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    Heart Broken

    My mom passed away on December 22,2008 with ALS. She was such a wonderful person, a wonderful friend, grandmother, sister and mother. She dedicated her life to helping others. She started her career as a nurse, went on to teaching nursing, back to nursing and finally along with the government...