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    Family member positively reflecting on life and loss

    I hope this post is appropriate for this section, but I wanted to briefly share a personal reflection of my experience during my father's battle with ALS and what I hold dearest to my heart after losing him. The topic of ALS can be a sad discussion, it is sad. But, as odd as it sounds, after I...
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    Is this the end??

    I'm so sorry Michelle, it sounds like your family has done a great job doing all you can for your sister. I know it must be so painful for her and your family to go through this. I just wanted to remind you that you are not alone. I know caring for yourself right now might be the farthest thing...
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    Sacred about symptoms and hoping to get feedback

    I agree with others that these symptoms together are not typical for ALS, especially the vertigo. One thing you may want to look into with the vertigo is whether you have loose crystals in your ears, a physical therapist may be able to help with a maneuver to relieve that symptom. It's true that...
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    Waiting Game! Very Frustrating

    I am so sorry to hear about your dad. My dad had ALS and I also worked in Neurology so I have a pretty solid understanding of the diagnostic process, although I am not a physician. The diagnostic process is one of the most difficult periods for family members, I remember the frustration. Yes, it...
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    Med-Lift Power Assist Recliner Chair for Sale- Western North Carolina (Asheville area

    Chair is located in Burnsville, NC near Asheville in Western North Carolina. Med-Lift Recliner Chair for Sale, 2553 series. This recliner is in great condition and was used with a cover and in a cigarette smoke free home. This chair is great for anyone who could use assistance getting into or...