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    Vitamin B-12 for Muscle Cramps

    My husband starting drinking tonic water twice a day and it is working very well for him; no more cramps at all!
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    Adult Stem Cells Help Cure

    Thanks to everyone for reminding us all not to give up hope! I was feeling a bit down today; must be the cold, rainy weather we're having in MI today. One of my nurse friends told me that if they figure out one of the neuro diseases the rest will quickly follow. We all check out what's...
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    Has anyone tried Ceftriaxone?

    Kelly, We asked our neuro about it, too. The phase III trial was supposed to start in January, now they're saying HOPEFULLY it will be mid-May. Like you, we don't want to be a placebo. How is she going to prescribe it? And, I can't find any info about what the results actually ARE! Have you...
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    Im new here....

    Irish, The name of the doctor is Dr. Gelinas; she is very easily accessible. She is only at St. Mary's on Tuesdays, but we were able to get in very quickly. I wish I had a phone number to give you, but if you call I'm sure they'll get you to the ALS Clinic. Good luck, and I agree that it...
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    Im new here....

    Irish, Are you able to get to Grand Rapids? There is a wonderful ALS specialist there. You could get in quickly and she could rule it out to relieve your mind. The clinic is at St. Mary's Hospital.
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    Just diagnosed

    The best advice that I received was from my mom; she said to live ONE DAY AT A TIME! It was very difficult to do when we first heard the diagnosis, but it is easier now. And we continue to pray that there will be a drug trial that can help slow the progression until a cure can be found. There...
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    Help with Diagnosis please

    I hope that the fact that your husband is feeling pain is a good thing; my husband had no pain with his symptoms.
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    Perhaps a cure

    We went to a university clinic that specializes in ALS and we had to PUSH to have a test for Lyme disease. Unfortunately, the result of that test we negative but they weren't even going to check.
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    Perhaps a cure

    How long ago did she see Dr. Burrascano? How did she reach him? Or, can you tell me your e-mail address so I can ask more questions? Thank you!
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    talapanel or Ceftriaxone Stage 3

    Did your neuro tell you when he/she thought the trial would start? Ours is saying the end of this month (hopefully). And thank you, everyone, for your words of encouragement. I needed them today! We have 8 month old twins, and lack of sleep sometimes makes everything seem harder!