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  1. siuska

    scared to see a neuro.

    don't sweat it don't go freaking yourself out are a young woman so the odds of having ALS is against you...go see the neurologist for your peace of mind.
  2. siuska

    Anything to be worried about?

    Hi, i do not think you have ALS...hyperflexia, not hypoflexia is indicative of ALS...i have peripheral neuropathy and had hypoflexes, lots of twitching, numbness, pain and tingling...annoying and sometimes i am afraid of falling(cause i can't feel my feet), but it won't kill me.
  3. siuska

    als advocacy

    i guess ALS has a new celebrity advocate, Angela Landsbury. you can watch an interview with her here> Video Player
  4. siuska

    Question on Thyroid and ALS

    t levels Hi, i want to reassure you that if your thyroid hormones are messed up, it can cause parasthesias, cramping, twitching and weakness...instead of a neuro, you need to find a really good endo...i have noticed that many thyroid levels are slightly low, yet the docs say "fine" get an...
  5. siuska

    25 year old with symptoms and one failed EMG from two

    to uk or not Bravo, in my limited experience with Emg's and neuros, interpreting EMG's is more of an artform than any true diagnostic unless one is so debilitated, there is no other alternative but then, you would know, the guy down the street would know, your mother would know.... 1...
  6. siuska


    i escaped motor neuron disease but just found out my neighbor's child has SMA...i did know enough to inquire about the medical center and doc she has (excellent) but, i am at a loss on how to offer support...any suggestions?
  7. siuska

    How common is upper motor neuron onset?

    sorry Rob, i was blah-blah-blahing..
  8. siuska

    How common is upper motor neuron onset?

    From my own doctor thought at first that i had a metabolic muscle disorder this is a list i know he checked for... lactate dehydrogenase deficiency myoadenylate deaminase deficiency phosphofructokinase deficiency (Tarui's disease) phosphoglycerate kinase deficiency...
  9. siuska

    Symptoms and familial MND

    Dee, i am not sure how GB's medical system is set up but if there is a Motor Neurone Disease special clinic, i would be getting your Dad to one...if i remember right, gene SOD1 is responsible for some familial ALS. i know inheriting it is 50/50...but, this disease is so's just so...
  10. siuska

    concerned familial ALS

    als-tdi Hi Dion, You might be interested in this is an independent research facility dedicated to finding a cure for ALS-...there is a forum on this site and anyone with ALS in their family can talk to the researchers directly...It was founded by a couple of people with familial...