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    Tillie, I was thinking of you today, I know that April is a tough month for us. Tony passed...

    Tillie, I was thinking of you today, I know that April is a tough month for us. Tony passed away a year yesterday, miss him, know that someone else is feeling what your feeling right now.
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    Ftd/als expertise, please!

    About 1-2 years before my husband was diagnosed with ALS there were behavior changes I of course had no idea what was going on and it wasn't all the time, but sudden outbursts of unreasonable anger started. After about a year or so after diagnosis I realized that these continuing changes were...
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    Waving a sad hello

    I swear no one tells it better than Tillie, every time I read her posts it could be me talking. Pay good attention to what she says - she KNOWS. Bless you Tille, Ras - your in my prayers.
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    FTD With ALS Advice

    Molly, do not be afraid of making the 'wrong' decision. Know in your heart that any decision you make, you are trying your best. My husband refused most aids. He refused a breathing apparatus and feeding tube. Yes he may have passed away sooner, but, it he may have made the decision based on...
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    FTD With ALS Advice

    Tillie, it is heartwarming to see your posts here and know that you are still such a huge help. I can only reiterate that dealing with this is hugely difficult in some circumstances and when all is said and done none of us wants our memories to be of angry answers to things said by our PAL. It...
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    God saw you getting tired,

    Your poems say it all, and do it beautifully. I feel for you and this loss and only can wish the best of everything for you. Time is what it takes to understand all this, wishing you peace.
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    a blessing cont'd

    Thanks Tillie, you are a blessing.
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    a blessing cont'd

    Oh, when will I stop remembering the bad stuff and remember the good? Everyday I have to shake myself and say "remember the good times, even when he was sick, stop stressing on the things you wish you could forget." Honestly, the long term affects of ALS and FTD on caregivers is something I...
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    a blessing cont'd

    Sorry I read this thread after it was closed. My husband has been gone 3 months and he could have been Tillie's or Katie's PAL. It is hard to remember the person he was before ALS/FTD the harsh words on both sides are hard to forget or put into perspective. But if I hadn't realized that he...
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    peaceful passing

    On April 11, 2014 my husband passed, he just did not have the strength to take another breath. He had only just died when I checked him in the morning, I know it was peaceful, or I would have heard him. I prayed for him to pass peacefully in his sleep and it was answered. My husband refused...