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    Anyone hear of post polio syndrome?

    Post Polio Syndrome was thrown out into the mix today for my mom since we have yet to receive a confirmed diagnosis. We still have a follow appt @ UCLA next month but I was just wondering. Whatever the problem is, at least for now she has agreed to the anti-depressants. So for now, we march...
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    Still looking for answers...

    Well, we've been to UCLA twice now. First time mom's physical exam was "normal," so she was scheduled for further EMG testing. Well, those results were again not significant so they were taken under "review. So, needless to say, she still doesn't have a confirmed diagnosis and I just got her...
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    Notme - or anyone else........... I know my mom hasn't done the SSDI paperwork. She is still working and has insurance. Should she also do the SSDI? I have no idea. There is still a lot that we have to do and look into. VA help, equipment that will be needed at some point. I think that...
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    Thanks hanginon. Your post was very helpful. I will continue to read, read, read. And I know I am going to need all of you at some point. I just hope I can get my mom on here too. I'm working on getting other family members ready for this horrible detour we all have to make. Hugs to all.
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    Thanks for the info. I will check into that. There is so much to figure out. I appreciate EVERYONE's input!
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    Saddended and Scared Daughter over ALS

    I don't have a response other than my tears right now, but yes, I FEEL LIKE "YOU" all get me! And I love being able to visit and know that I am not alone.
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    Going with my mom next week to ALS expert at UCLA for "confirmation of her 2nd opinion." Can anyone suggest and questions or concerns that I should ask the doctor while we are there. I have no idea what to expect. I just know that the neurologist said he always gets a confirmation of a...
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    Saddended and Scared Daughter over ALS

    TBuc - Sounds like we are both in the same boat without a paddle (although I know I can't fully relate because of your wedding). But my mom was diagnosed in January so I do understanding what you are saying and feeling. It looks to me like this is the place for us to come and vent and cry and...
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    VA Benefits in California

    Can anyone steer me into the right direction to get started on applying for VA Benefits for my mom. It is my understanding that they are very helpful for Vets with ALS. I just pulled up their website and am lost. Also, I am assuming that we will need to have some kind of documentation...
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    Dad diagnosed with ALS earlier this year

    Re: New to this My mom (age 68) was just diagnosed in January, although we've been looking for an answer for almost a year. She too experiences so many symptoms that I want to believe are too early for her to experience as well. Some of which I attribute to her reading the internet and...