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    Sneaking food past your throat

    Oh Beth, You are an angel and so right on. You say what all of us feel.........and with great humor.
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    Anyone in US receiving SSDI ?

    I was turned down the first time I applied because I was still working from home with the understanding with my company that I would retire at the first of the year. So, I re-applied and with the help of my wife who is an RN, I was approved. I think the key is the application and answering the...
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    diagnosis confirmed

    Hello Connie, So sorry to hear about your diagnosis but as it has already been said, it does get easier with time to cope and this forum is an excellent supportive community. It has helped my husband and me immensely. Take each day at a time and try to be as positive as possible. We have learned...
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    Grrrr !

    Hi Biskethead. You need to talk with the the hospice staff to find out why they think that it is appropriate to refer her to long term care and not home with you. It may that her nursing needs supersede what you can reasonably be expected to provide at home. It really is a difficult...
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    Pulmonary function test

    My husband has PLS and he does have weakness of his diaphram. He just had a sleep study done 2 days ago using a bipap which has been ordered for him. He found it very helpful.
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    Op-ed on ALS in LA Times

    My husband and I totally respect Dr. Welsh's personal decision for how he wants to manage his terminal illness and end of life decisions regarding medical interventions. To each his own.
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    Some questions regarding ALS

    Try not to create a monster.
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    ALS Guardian Angels- Please read

    Hi Beth. Do you mean Keith Olberman? Good idea.
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    Ever Heard of Going to the Doc too Soon?

    Wright. You are so right and it would be so good if people would follow your suggestions.
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    new awaiting diagnosis

    It would be really nice if we would be more tolerant with each other. All of our lives are difficult and stressful as manifested by the fact that we are here with each other trying to get support and learn from each other. Ridicule is unnecessary and very hurtful. We all have bad days and need...