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    rotation beds

    I am now about two years with ALS. Arms pretty much gone, some movement in the legs. I am now sleeping on a gel mattress. Does anyone have any experience with the lateral rotation mattress? any suggestions would be appreciated. Jack
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    Equipment Help

    computer without the keyboard I don't know if your father can still speak or not, but if he can speak, here is one good solution. I lost the ability to type about a month ago. My voice is still pretty good, so I installed a voice to text computer program. There are several, but I think the...
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    Veteran with ALS

    Thanks, People. That May Help. Redneckca
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    Bath Remodel

    General question on remodeling a standard bathroom for ALS. Does Medicare or VA cover any of this? Any info or opinions welcome. REDNECKCA
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    Veteran with ALS

    Just a question that someone may be able to answer. How difficult is it to get Rilutek through the VA? I have diagnosed of ALS from ALS clinic in San Francisco and an appointment with a VA neurologist next month. Any info or opinions welcome. REDNECKCA