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    Anxiety going overboard

    I will post the results when i recieve them should be sometime this week One question i have had the twitching in my hands and body for 5 years if it was als would i be in a bad way by now? Cheers for the replys
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    Anxiety going overboard

    No I didn’t which im annoyed at myself for 😐👍🏻
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    Anxiety going overboard

    Hello all hope you are all doing ok (previous thread here: concerned about ALS) My anxiety is through the roof, so since 2017 i have had internal body tremors and muscle twitching in my left hand 24/7 i dont think i have any weakness?i have seen numerous neurologists over the years who have...
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    Concerned about ALS

    Hello everyone i hope you dont mind me posting,i am worried about ALS i have persistent twitching that has been going on between my thumb and finger in the left hand which is constant and has been going on for a couple of years but now it has started in the right hand also,i have seen 3...