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  1. tdamess

    Not how things were supposed to go.

    wishing her the best
  2. tdamess

    Anyone heard how mbmurray is after stem cell procedure

    no idea , I hope all is well . should hear soon I hope
  3. tdamess

    Official poll results

    I know there is a good amount of pals with thyroid issues but am wondering if any pals had their thyroid removed
  4. tdamess

    My mother, Pinkmoon

    I am so sorry to hear of your loss ... hugs
  5. tdamess

    Tonight she has her wings

    I am so sorry but glad she left you a letter it will mean a lot to you hugs
  6. tdamess

    First time talking to others

    my son has been diagnosed for 4 yrs now we have our sad times but mostly we keep each other up , by joking around pulling pranks on him or he has us set up , we help his wife but never much at nite and we just found out how bad when she landed in the hospital so we will make sure she gets all...
  7. tdamess

    My Husband Has Passed

    I am so sorry for your loss hugs to you and family
  8. tdamess

    My sweet Les is golfing again

    you know how my heart aches for you as you have helped me cope so many times and we both do not come here as often as we use to but , want you to know how much I care about you , les means a lot to you and you will miss him so much ..just pm me any time you need to hugs to you and family
  9. tdamess

    Developing an app for ALS

    good thinking , I think it would help many
  10. tdamess

    sucking through straw/ smoking

    e-cig would be much heavier to hold