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    New here

    Hi Staten, My father-in-law was also recently diagnosed with ALS, although his is bulbar onset. We also have young children (6 & 10), but even though he has always lived with us, they still don't see much of his illness as the only obvious problem is his hoarse voice and feeding tube. Does your...
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    Kaiser/Medicare Insurance Question

    Hi tanjak, My father-in-law has been diagnosed with bulbar ALS also, and while ALS is an automatic qualification for SSI disability, it still takes time to process. We have been going through the process for about 3 months now, and he currently has no health insurance of any kind as his FMLA is...
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    There are a couple of food additives to thicken liquids that I believe you can buy at health food stores. People on Atkins use them to thicken sauces or gravies without adding carbs. One is called ThickenThin not/Starch. Another is xanthan gum, which only uses a tiny amount each time sprinkled...
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    New to it all

    Hi Jackson, we are in a similar situation with my father-in-law. He was diagnosed a couple of weeks ago with bulbar ALS. He has had a PEG for a couple of months now, before the diagnosis, but he has not had any new limb weakness yet. We are still trying to cope as well with what is next. Marisa
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    Some place to talk to extended family

    Al, my FIL is a vet but is not part of any of those organizations. We do live in a very active wintertime retirement community and have a lot of vets, so I will look into those options. Thanks. Jamiet, we live in Florida between Tampa and Lakeland. Charlie missed us at the last minute, but...
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    What should we ask neurologist?

    Liz, right now we are waiting on his Medicare coverage to do any more appointments, at least routine ones. Today is his last day of FMLA, and the final day of his employment is also the final day of his insurance coverage. The social security disability process has been going on for a couple of...
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    Some place to talk to extended family

    Hi all, We (meaning my husband and I) have known for about 2 weeks now about my father-in-law's diagnosis, bulbar-onset ALS, fairly progressed. We had the followup appointment with the neurologist to ask any questions we wanted, but the one question I couldn't ask was about telling FIL's...
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    What should we ask neurologist?

    We had the visit with my father-in-law's neurologist yesterday, and he showed us some of what led him to the ALS diagnosed. Mainly, his tongue has severe fascs and is very weak. He also has less noticeable but still present fascs in his arms, legs, and upper shoulder/chest areas and general...
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    What should we ask neurologist?

    Thank you so much Beth. This is his regular neurologist, and mainly he is just doing this as a way to ask any questions we may have. This is definitely the type of information I was looking for. We live outside Tampa, and I think the closest ALS clinic is in St. Petersburg, so we will definitely...
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    What should we ask neurologist?

    My father-in-law was diagnosed with bulbar ALS almost 2 weeks ago. We have an appointment Monday afternoon that is basically a conference with the family to go over any questions we may have. Truthfully, we have no idea what to ask. After his EMG the day of his diagnosis, the neurologist told...