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    Moving forward

    Thanks for your generosity of spirit. It’s so helpful as we move through the end stages. BTW, started counseling right after diagnosis, five years ago. Recommend to anyone, professional help is a big pillar. That, plus core group of friends and family keep this doable. Be safe all of you.
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    Trilogy discomfort in end stage

    Thanks for letting us know. My wife has been on trilogy 24/7 for over a year, and our respiratory therapist has helped us whenever there was an issue. We know the fear.
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    Moving forward

    Thanks for posting I/we are approaching that time, apprehensive. appreciate your courageous voice. Best wishes
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    Assisted Suicide

    Thanks for sharing. We are approaching that time after five years and my wife asks for it often. Appreciate your openness.
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    Permobil F3 Corpus Power Wheelchair

    Good move
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    Mattress topper for hospital bed

    Alternating pressure mattress pad We didn’t get it for a long time When we finally got it, solved so many problems A must to prevent bed sores! Good luck on this journey