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    Power Wheelchair - steering

    This may cover what I'm about to say, but one of the adjustments on my wife's chair controlled how sensitive the joystick was, which proved quite useful. She had the same situation regarding hand dominance.
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    Mom just diagnosed ALS, need hope

    Agreed - in our experience, the doctors were painstakingly cautious not to make the diagnosis too early. It was a bit rough doing all the additional testing to rule out other possibilities, but it was understandable and appreciated. I also agree with those recommending a second opinion. I...
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    Before taking pictures and such, I thought I'd check first to see if there is any interest locally. When searching for Bakersfield, there are only a few posts, and they're all over five years old. I'm not particularly feeling up to dealing with long-distance. Items include ... 2011 Dodge...