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    A year ago

    Your husband isn’t suffering anymore. Look at it that way. Keep him in your heart. Pups are hard to lose just like humans. My log on name is for a little dog I lost. I bought her a gravestone and laid her where I sit at my picnic table. I just lost my son. No,I lost him four years ago. It just...
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    Problematic in-laws

    I would ignore them. People that insensitive doesn’t deserve recognition.
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    A Sad Day

    Echo the feeling , . Everything seems to be grey. Sky's not so blue.. friends are gone. No visitors .. jrzgrl .. take a look at the poems I wrote on here. They might help u. Helped me writing them. Im so sorry. Living it everyday. I've always said..longevity is not your friend with this disease.
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    Still here thanks to RCH4

    No none of those. I have two very good friends who are reporters. I was going to give it to them and have them approach the local tv stations and run articles in their papers. Hopefully 60 minutes will pick it up and run with it. 60 minutes exposed several scammers that touted treatments for...
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    Still here thanks to RCH4

    I have my own thoughts on that.
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    Still here thanks to RCH4

    That’s all I need to know Mad Marlon. If Stephen Byers is involved in this I don’t need to go any further. . Is this the same guy who sent people to Mexico and China for stem cells ?Theres some real horror stories on him over on alstdi forum. Id suggest everyone on her go over there long...
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    Still here thanks to RCH4

    Wasn’t RCH4 they tried to sell. It was a knockoff of Dex. Don’t doubt they would try it but u have the wrong drug. Folks no need beating a dead horse here. I suppose we will just have to listen to how well the chosen few people are doing until someone backs the drug supplier into a corner...
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    Still here thanks to RCH4

    One more questions if u please. Why would they give you this information to start with? Did you get the information on the internet and put two and two together or did they give it to you themselves? And I quote you .... I have not signed any disclosure document but I was asked at the start...
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    Still here thanks to RCH4 are dancing around the point. I don't care if u have access to a drug for your wife. I'm happy she has slowed her progression. I take exception to anyone that talks about how well they are doing on the drug while others are suffering and can't get it.Especially on a ALS forum...
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    Still here thanks to RCH4

    I have two friends that are reporter / journalists that I'm going to talk to Monday . They looked into the IBC challenge fund allocation for me. I'll see if they they can look into it for us.