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  1. cheryilyn

    Methylmalonic acid & Billyd

    Al, how much baclofen do you take?
  2. cheryilyn

    Questions about bulbar onset/other diagnosis

    Andy, i have not been on here for awhile. ijust read your post. i have bulbar onset als, i first noticed a droop in the left side of my face in aug. 05, some trouble swallowing sept. 05 by dec. when i first saw a neuro i was having difficulty talking she ordered a mri and said if it was normal...
  3. cheryilyn

    ALS Stays Same - Life Keeps Getting Worse

    Del, i am so glad things are looking up. i am still praying for you.
  4. cheryilyn

    I need some help

    she will not stop eating until she decides to. i know this because i have been most stubborn in this area. make sure her food is pureed and that someone is with her.
  5. cheryilyn

    I just read the lithium study

    I asked my dr. about lithium awhile ago and she said no proof and too many side effects.
  6. cheryilyn

    Why Stay Positive?

    Thanks Mike. I needed that.
  7. cheryilyn

    FVC question

    My fvc has went from 36 before diagnosed to 58 shortly after diagnosed (started bipap and stopped smoking) Now it is very low about 18 3 months ago. I am still only using bipap at night and breathing seems fine. M y question is about the test, I have felt all along that the test is not valid...
  8. cheryilyn

    which fingers?

    I started with bulbar, legs and now am losing hand and arm. It started with my left pinky curling and then my index finger, my left ring finger does nothing, no curling no movement.
  9. cheryilyn

    I just joined and have questions

    I will add my prayers also.