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    Having a REALLY bad day...

    Husband Employer Hi, We too were hesitant of letting his employer know what was going on. But after some people that he works for noticed his gait was swaying and balance off. I have to say they have been great for their understanding. My husband really wanted to continue to work. He wanted...
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    He's gone

    Sorry for your loss. My he rest in peace.
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    Could it be ALS?

    ? Als My suggestion would be to rule out everything else first. Ex. Pinched nerve,carpal tunnell. What I always do first is go with the least invasive procedures as possible. Start with family MD. If no relief or answers, neurologist. Don;t jump to conclusions too early,you'll go bananas! Just...
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    Caregiver with Question

    Lined Pants I wondered if those would be warm enough. I guess living up in Wisconsin you would know about the cold. Thanks :)
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    Olly We saw the dr. this past mon. After the EMG the dr feels he is progressing to ALS. It seems that this is progressing slower than the average. We are still rather numb with the whole thing. Please keep us posted to what's happening. We are all in this together.
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    My muscle atrophy (please respond)

    Weightlifting When my husband was first having problems with fasics,he asked the dr. about lifting just to stay in shape. We were told that if you lift too much it could weaken the muscle more,,so only do minimal just to maintain. Nothing too heavy. My husband got weak kind of quickly,by his...
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    Caregiver with Question

    Thanks. I wonder if Velcro would hold the pants up. We discussed if possibly maiking the buttonholes larger. Keep the ideas coming. I really appreciate it. I feel the more I can make things less obvious for people to see the difficulty that he's having he'll still want to go out. He sometimes...
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    Caregiver with Question

    Has anyone had trouble getting the patient to the BR and getting the pants unbuttoned then it's too late. That has happened in public. I felt terrible. I want my husband to still be able to dress according to the weather,very cold here now. I know sweats would help a lot,but kind of cold. Any...
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    Thanks everyone for the input. I thought maybe I was looking for changes that weren't really there! It seems since all of this started I'm looking for things to keep my eye on. I try not to say too much to my husband and make him paranoid. He always says that I'm not to worry. That's the nurse...
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    can anyone give me some advise

    Calf swollen With your left calf swollen,do you have pain or tenderness. Are there any areas on your skin that seems to feel warm ot reddened? This maybe totally unrelated. When someone presents me as an RN with calf pain I think of a blood clot. I don't want to alarm, but by reading that's...