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    Wheelchair issues

    I don't have a Hoyer lift, but my power chair works fine on low pile carpet and laminate flooring.
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    Hospice versus Dallas ALS specialty

    People need to understand that hospice is for people who are near the end of life. A hospice patient can no longer see their regular doctor. If an emergency arises, the hospice nurse and family caregivers are supposed to handle it. Medications that prolong life are not permitted. Only...
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    Two things people often wait too long for

    Thank you. I'm not keeping up with things as I once did. I'm excited that there are so many new developments that may help some PALS, especially those recently diagnosed, but have given up the hope that anything will come along to help me as an individual. I concentrate on trying to maintain...
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    Medicare premiums and deductibles for 2023

    I've had a variety of Advantage plans since I retired in 2005. Initially, I didn't really understand how they worked. When they were a new thing, the companies selling them were very careful to avoid disclosing that the money withheld from a person's SS check for Medicare went to them...
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    Angela Barber

    Sending sincere sympathy. May your memories of the good times bring comfort and eventual healing.
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    Two things people often wait too long for

    What is SVC? I don't remember seeing that term.
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    CMS Opens Consideration for Seat Elevation Systems Coverage, A public comment period on seat elevation systems coverage is open until September 14.

    I hope this is approved. I commented, citing safety concerns when we are forced to stand on unsteady legs to perform simple tasks such as getting a drink of water, as well as the need for shorter people to be able to reach cupboards or the top of stoves.
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    Was just told I have PLS by Dr Trigg

    The neurologists at OHSU classify me as having ALS, with a "working diagnosis" of PLS.
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    Wheelchair repair

    I asked my insurance carrier (Medicare Advantage Plan) if any power chair repairs were covered. The reply: We don't know, ask NuMotion. Good Grief! I have a chair that's 5 or 6 years old and haven't had anything done to it. I sure don't know what to expect when it gives out.
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    Panoptix lenses 2.5 years later

    Very interesting! I haven't been to an ophthalmologist in quite some time--at least 3 years. My last two pairs of prescription glasses have been unsatisfactory. Both my distance and close vision are affected, and, for some reason, my vision can't be corrected. I'm told this may be because of...