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    Free air mattress overlay

    acmcdowell- Sorry that I haven't checked the board in the past couple of weeks. I just mailed the air mattress off to another member of the forum. It wasn't an alternating pressure mattress, but it did do wonders for my mom as she was getting more and more thin. I would definitely recommend...
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    Free air mattress overlay

    Just wanted folks to know this is still available. I'll even throw in a free transfer belt that we've never used! I just hate to throw them out if someone could give them a try. THANKS!
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    Home health care, anyone?

    I went through this with my mom. Once we got to the point where it was dangerous to leave her alone while I went to work (teaching), we were amazed at how little help we could find! We went through a looong process applying for medicaid (depressing process). I was very excited when we finally...
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    Free air mattress overlay

    I have a twin Gaymar bubble air mattress overlay. It can be inflated with darn near any sort of camping pump, etc. Little or no air leak. I'm not sure if it is EXACTLY the one shown in the picture below, but that's what it looks like. It's free to anyone who would like to try it. All I ask...
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    Question on Beds and Sleeping

    Ceegee- My mom was uncomfortable for two reasons, first that she was boney and second because she had trouble breathing if she was lying down flat. We received a pocketed air mattress sort of thing from the ALSA in our community. It worked with the raising and lowering of the hospital bed...
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    My Mom - Janet

    So sorry for the loss of your mom. This is my first Christmas without my mom, too. I love that your mom is dancing the Christmas Eve away with your dad. I imagine my mom is cracking up at how uptight I am this Christmas, loathing everything that isn't what SHE would have done. How blessed to...
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    Saying Good Bye to my Dad

    Wendy- I'm so sorry for your loss. This is my first Christmas without my mom and it's so difficult. I hope that you've got lots of friends and family to surround you this Christmas. What a terrible loss. Kaija
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    Family Holiday Awkwardness

    Thanks, both of you. You make perfect sense. (And Lynn, when I read your post I cried in my office. My mom's name was Lynn and it was like getting a message from heaven! :-) ) I'm spending Christmas in Breckenridge with by dad, step mom, brother and his wife. I mailed ahead our old family...
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    Family Holiday Awkwardness

    I just need to put this out there into the world. I'm not venting, I don't think. I'm not quite sure how I feel exactly. BUT, my mom passed away just about 6 months ago from ALS. Christmas was her thing. She decorated perfectly, she gave the best gifts, made the best food, and everyone in...