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    5 years into symptoms

    Hello everyone, My problems started in the year 2017 with twitching all over and i posted here ,after a clean emg i was reassured and went my way.over the last 5 years i have continued with twitching but slowly i have seen atrophy of all 4 of my extremities. When i showed it to my neuros he saw...
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    cant take this anymore

    a big thanks to reassure me ........but my left palm has really sunk in .....the neuros only test my strength and tell that since my strength and emg is normal it is allright .....but i donot have any weakness.......
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    cant take this anymore

    hello everyone ,i am a 23 year old male from india.My problems started from november,2017.It all started with twitching in my face that continued for a month after which i started having some problems with my speech and my hands .i looked up on google and ALS popped up and naturally became...