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  1. siskiya and i are in same boat kind local primary doctor was diagnosed with ALS last... and i are in same boat kind local primary doctor was diagnosed with ALS last summer. He has always been here for me and I want to be there for him as he needs friends the most. So got on here to educate and see ways to be a good friend too. Plus, i like gardening too!! so welcome
  2. siskiya

    Excessive tears

    Yes, I am sure all of you or a lot have seen seniors and their eyes look watery...even happens in animals. My mother has it now or has it since her 70's but slowly has worsen. I believe there is nothing you can do but maybe take antihistamine. Please do not try that as each person is different...
  3. siskiya

    What Has Happened to This Place?

    Hmm..for those of you whom you have said your post were deleted and were signed it..same thing just happen to me as well. So think there is bug needs fixing for techies. Larry, I am so sorry for you lost but in way your words said in grief really struck a cord with many it seems. I really hope...
  4. siskiya

    What Has Happened to This Place?

    sir, your message really hit me hard about how words can hurt as much as being physically hit at times. I am very sorry about your wife ending her life. I know it is incredibly hard on you right now and in grief we say things we never have the guts to say in any other situation. I know i have...
  5. siskiya

    What Has Happened to This Place?

    I am new and only see this forum and outsider. I really hope it does not stop. You do not see what a great community of people you have participating here? Do you know how rare it is for a person to apologize in other forums?! I sure do since I participate in many since I have a few chronic...
  6. siskiya

    HELP/ how do you show/give support?

    Hi, I am new to this forum though since I have few diseases myself I am familiar with health forums. I have had great support from them. Here is my question. My Doctor has ALS and I just found out. He specifically told another patient that has contact with me that he wanted to tell me...
  7. siskiya

    What Has Happened to This Place?

    Being a new member this is disheartening. The really great sites constantly remind people in forums that being kind and considerate is part of the agreement. That it is place for support! BUT! I have personally seen some sites where people were very hurtful, judgemental and just plain mean. I...