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    Feeling lost

    [B][/B I still am grieving after 6 years..such a horrible disease]
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    [email protected] 805-233-1110

    [email protected] 805-233-1110
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    Assisted suicide

    My mom asked me early on and I said I couldn't but her boyfriend said he would.He's dead now too and if he did it doesn't bother me she was suffering.
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    My Mom

    I remember when my mom fell and I ran to her and she said "sit down" so I did and she lookeed at me like her savior because I am a researcher and nurse and said "I am dying aren't I?" at which I started sobbing and said mom this is bigger than me......
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    Question: about progression of ALS (how fast? )

    I got mom the machine so she could type to us and we took turns(3) daughters with her but the zanaax and morphine under the tongue helped her relax.Use all you can God Bless
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    Should I be praying for her to die?

    The day my mom died I screamed at God to either let her die or get better. when she died I cursed God.....NOthing makes sense when your grieving I'm so sorry for you:-(:!:
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    Mom doesn't want breathing assistance or feeding tube

    My mom decided to not have the ventilator.She had a feeding tube but it was the end then.I still marvel at the will and dignity she had to not just exist on a machine.She had hospice with oxygen,morphine and zannax and I think she will always be my hero.
  10. my sweet mom

    my sweet mom