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    Permobil F3 Corpus front-power wheelchair

    This has been SOLD. How do I delete the post? Or can the Admin delete it for me?
  2. J

    Permobil F3 Corpus front-power wheelchair

    Forgot price. $4,000.
  3. J

    Thank you, this is her friend Tiffany, she actually put a wind chime on a small metal stick and...

    Thank you, this is her friend Tiffany, she actually put a wind chime on a small metal stick and stuck it in a large Styrofoam block and he could nudge the chime with his foot. Worked great and was very inexpensive. He could not speak at all at that point and sadly he passed on July 20th.
  4. J

    Permobil F3 Corpus front-power wheelchair

    F3 Corpus - Permobil See above link for specs. Never Used, bought less than a year ago. Was for a 6' tall man that was under 150 lbs. It is narrow so it can easily go through tight spots, zero turn. Includes i-drive head array, R-Net Omni, ROHO Dry Flotation Wheelchair Cushion. Smoke free...
  5. J

    St. Louis MO Supplies for sale.

    I have several ALS medical supplies for sale. If anyone is interested or wants more info pleas email me at [email protected] or text me 314 596 7247 Power Wheel Chair-never even sat in. Metal ramps Hoyer lift Slide board-never used Metal walker- red with the seat and basket-used Metal...
  6. J

    Help with alerting caregiver

    My husband is getting a bipap, he is concerned I wont wake up at night when he needs me because he wont be able to yell for me. He can still make some movements with his foot, but not any other movements. Has anyone made anything like a bell he can knock or kick ? Or any advice at all that...
  7. J

    Health Insurance

    Thanks so much! I will forward this info to her, she will appreciate it.
  8. J

    Health Insurance

    He is a welder and stands all day, he has already lost muscle in one arm/hand and can't walk without a cane, falls and has trouble getting up etc. I guess he was diagnosed later than most people, when it started in his leg he thought he hurt it in softball and the arm he thought was just from...
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    Health Insurance

    Hi I am aksing questions on behalf of a friend whose husband was just diagnosed she is too overwhelmed/sad/stressed to do it herself right now, hopefully she will be able to join soon. She is going to need the support: My husband was diagnosed yesterday and told to quit his job immediately...