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    Respironics battery pack

    This item is no longer for sale.
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    Respironics battery pack

    Apparently the website link I had in my posting didn't make it past the review board. In my original posting I provided a link to a detailed description of what I bought. If you want that information, please send me message. jim
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    Respironics battery pack

    I had purchased a battery pack with 12V auto cable for my bipap. I recently went on a vent. I no longer need the battery pack. It is for the Respironics brand. I used it with a Synchrony . It is compatable with the following machines : * M Series DS100 CPAP Machine * M Series Plus with...
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    Pee problems and ALS

    I went through a similar urinary urgency phase. My neurologist asserted that it wasn't related to ALS and referred me to primary care. We ruled out an infection then she made me drink more liquids. Oddly enough more liquids eliminated problem. One cause could be that you are dehydrated and...
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    Act now for health care reform

    (sorry for the intrusion my canadian PALS) As Washington debates health care reform, I urge you to contact your house representative and senators. We need to spread the word about our medical needs (tragedies) and influence the debate. Below, I have included a copy of an email I sent. Please...
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    Trache questions for Joel or anybody ...

    joelc, Lets say you want a planned trach. What things do you need to have 'in-place' prior to operation? jim
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    tracheotomy and laryngeal diversion

    I think the question boils down to "Can you avoid pneumonia better with operation?" or maybe " What % of pneumonia cases are due to mouth bacteria/aspiration? Jim
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    Roll in shower-cost-funding

    I feel for all of my fellow PALS in the remodel pinch. I have good news if you live in Colorado. The CO home builders group has a foundation that pays for and does renovations. see They got started with the columbine school victims and never stopped...
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    tracheotomy and laryngeal diversion

    I am getting close to needing a vent. I have read several good threads on vent/not vent but no one has mentioned laryngeal diversion. I ran across this article from MDA:It discusses laryngeal diversion. I was wondering if...
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    ? on speaking devices

    Yes , it is that simple. I use my work laptop with Etriloquist at work and my dynavox at home. Just google etriloquist. it will come rightup jim