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  1. MToole

    Decision tool

    There is a webinar on the Decision Tool on December 16
  2. MToole

    Les Turner Symposium on ALS

    Les Turner Symposium on ALS The Les Turner Symposium on ALS will be held virtually on Monday November 1. Click the ALS Center link at the top of the Les Turner ALS Foundation website for more details and how to register for the event.
  3. MToole

    Clinical Trials

    thank you for the update
  4. MToole

    My brother just diagnosed with als

    Sorry to hear about your brother
  5. MToole

    als clinics

    I go to clinic for the one stop shop. I am blessed to have excellent care at the clinic being in the Chicagoland area.
  6. MToole

    Brian Wallach

    Great guy, I've had the opportunity to talk to him a couple times. I am ALS is doing fantastic things.
  7. MToole

    ALS and Diabetes?

    I hope you can get this under control. As a result of ALS I became diabetic and take metformin. My doctor was not surprised it occurred due to the muscle atrophy.
  8. MToole

    Got away...

    good stuff, it is good to get away
  9. MToole

    Bathroom remodel pics

    very nice
  10. MToole

    ALS and medicare/SS was denied

    Jim, thank you for sharing your story what did you end up doing for insurance. I'm not familiar with details except that you need to have insurance. check with the people at your ALS clinic