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    i sent a private message yesterday but i dont know if it went though.then came on line an found out im not allowed to send them. so if your out there conrad have' nt heard from you in awhile,hope your doing better. bogey
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    hi al i wish you a very good birthday. bogey ps. and many more
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    Soma Vineyards Painting

    mike great work it looks alot like a painting i have by jennie tomao bogey
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    Newbie Diagnosis

    jennilee-- relax take it easy,not many people like al he's truthful,patient,honest and very helpful with is knowledge.bogey
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    Shocking/Devistating News

    chad- keep your spirits up that doc is not god,they are like weathermen there wrong as often as there friend darryl was told in 1996 he had 1 to 1.5 years and its 2007 and he's still here. bogey
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    In Case you Wondered where AL Is

    al- sorry to hear of the lose of your sister,al take care of yourself an know my prayers are with you an for you your friend bogey.
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    Tomorrow is the Big Day

    conrad- my friend darrel has been living with als diagnosed over 13 years was at als clinic talking to his doctor about muscle twiting, his doc said forever 100 people with twitching less than 1 has als and twitching all over is better than being in concentrated area,go figure sounds like...
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    My Latest Painting

    mike amazing work it makes you want to cross the bridge to check the beautiful woods. keep the art going bogey
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    suebo-many people come on this forum with your symptoms including me,in oct. started with left arm by nov. had them all told me that many things can cause twitching to see what happens.well 5 months later i have twitching but no weakness still,so try not to worry about an see if anything...
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    How long to live after diagnosis?

    read a post on average after diagnosed by a group in texas 1986-96 was3.3 years from 1996-06 was4.4 years go figure?