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  1. gooseberry

    The Next Part of the Journey

    3 years out for me. I thought I was handling it all so well. It was a blur and bad decision after bad decision. Life is finally settling in a good way. I too was on the verge of a diabetes diagnosis. I now go to a bootcamp and eat better than I have in 20 years. It is really hard to take...
  2. gooseberry

    Walk in tub vs shower VA

    Va likes a 4x5 shower space . They may add on to your house, use pt if a closet etc
  3. gooseberry

    Wheelchair fitting nov 10

    the va, after measuring you, and knowing home circumstances will choose your chair. As things change for you, the will add and delete attachments....tablet or phone holder, trilogy mount, attendant control, roho cushion, etc
  4. gooseberry

    VETERAN Discussion Rating increase R1 to R2

    Who do you see frequently? The neuro? Request they submit info. Seriously, log any changes...even ones you dont want yo admit to so you have a record
  5. gooseberry

    1 Month Warning...

    One day at a time, Becky. Steve got pretty cruel also. Remember, its the disease. It still hurts but its the changes from the disease. Sending you lots of hugs. P.s. No one in Steves family would write an took me 5 months.
  6. gooseberry

    Woke Up - Air Hunger

    Sending you comforting thoughts and a gentle hug
  7. gooseberry

    Woke Up - Air Hunger

    Has anyone heard from pete? Its been several days since he logged on?
  8. gooseberry

    VETERAN Discussion Rating increase R1 to R2

    Adobe fill and sign will let you fill in a pdf
  9. gooseberry

    VETERAN Discussion Rating increase R1 to R2

    I kept my own notes of things I saw that Steve wouldnt admit to unless asked. Holding the wall when walking for example...multiple attempts to stand, etc. Then I brought the notes with me. I was trained to use his breathing machines, check stats, etc. I worked with the dietician on food...
  10. gooseberry


    I have new hobbies, I am dating, I am religious about my self care....there are many things Julien and I do that are new for us. I laugh a lot, I smile, I enjoy a lot about my new life but some days that "feeling" just takes over.