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    Strange to think that Patent law might push at least the makers of Rilutek to work harder to come up with a better drug.
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    MP3 player

    It was an MP3 player that made me realize that something was up with my dad. I bought him one, and then regretted it when I watched how much trouble he had with the little buttons... at the time I thought "Oh, my dad is getting old", but obviously it turned out to be more than that. He stuck in...
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    can you "fight" ALS/MND?

    I do agree that the best thing you can do it decide what your attitude will be. Personally, and perhaps people will be annoyed at me for it, I don't think your attitude will affect the progression of the sickness, but it will vastly affect how your life and the life of those around you proceeds...
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    Coffee beneficial for males, not females, with Lou Gehrig’s disease

    *Imagining mice with teeny espresso cups*
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    Professor Stephen Hawking in Hospital

    Can I ask, what is the special nature of Stephen's ALS? Why did it stabilize, and are there many other people who have a similar condition?
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    Any thoughts on why you got M.N.D ?

    Yeah too many "maybes". Most people by the time they are 60 have had a few other health or injury crises, large or small. That's just something that comes along with being over 60. So it's easy to look back and say "Maybe it was this". There was some statistic or urban myth floating about...
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    I think this is our year!

    It's freaky to think that in the tens of thousands of years man has walked the earth, my dad happened to fall to this damn thing maybe 5 years before a cure is figured out. It's like getting shot on the last day of World War 2.
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    How do I tell my mother?

    I'll just throw in that "Strength" when confronted with news like this has nothing to do with physical strength or whether you are a man or woman or anything like that. There's a fair chance that she will surprise you with her reaction. Sooner or later the bad news will have to come out...
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    My mom is in India for treatment

    No. It doesn't work that way. Eventually someone, after years of published research, will do trials with the backing of an internationally known hospital or research centre. And then the trials will be published and there will be big announcements all over the place. It's not going to happen...
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    Son of Deceased PALS...wondering if...

    My dad died of ALS a year and a half ago. I went through a year of being completely convinced that I had it too. I obviously don't because nothing developed. I recently discovered that both my mother and my brother went through phases of thinking they had the disease. It's a disease that...