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    CALS Roll Call Continued

    Mary, these worked very well for us, lasted a good amount of time, and were easy on the skin. You can find them on line by googling the name.
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    Adaptive pants

    Fortunately we had a seamstress in the family. We bought flannel elastic waisted pants, she cut out the “ back side” , the fly area, and the waistband. She left the backside commando, sewed a privacy flap on the front, and put Velcro on the waistband. It worked very well for us.
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    Is it vinyl? I put a non skid rug pad on the seat of my husband’s vinyl lift chair which stopped his sliding.
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    Dance, Darcey, Dance!

    Jim, I am so sorry for your loss of Darcy. Your love and care of Darcy shined through your all posts and I hope they can give you some peace and comfort. Kate
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    3 years and........

    Thinking of you J and hope today went ok for you. Kate
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    Raising the white flag

    Karen, Many here are so much better at expressing what you have meant and done for this forum and its members than I am. Please know that your life in this physical world has made such a strong and meaningful impact on me as well as so many others. I wish you a peaceful and loving passage as...
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    Peculiar D day

    Thank you for your lovely thought. I think of you and hope that you and your dad are doing ok. Kate
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    im alive

    Kristina, I am so sorry. I've been wondering about you also so thank you for letting us know. I hope you heal quickly, Kate
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    straight off the email circuit

    Those are wonderful Frank!!
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    Ted Stehr

    Robyn, Hannah, Jeremy, and Stephen , my deepest sympathies for your loss. I listened to all his podcasts and got a glimpse of what a special person he was with his intellect, humor, positivity, and emotional honesty . I am wishing for you all peace and comfort, Kate