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    10 years with new symptoms

    Good Afternoon, Let me start off by saying that I am sorry if these questions become redundant. I know I'm on a ALS forum and I'm relying on PALS to give me advice. With that said I like to give a brief description of my symptoms since they started. 2011- started with muscle twitching in my...
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    Update on my condition

    As some you may know I have been in undiagnosed limbo for quite some time which is good as my neurologist that has been following me for over 4 years doesn't believe I have ALS. As for my symptoms it appears that I have something going on and my Neuro admits to it but does not know what it could...
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    Neurologist visit

    Hello all, I need opinions on some troublesome clinical findings plus emg results. As many of you know I have been seeing and following up with Neuromuscular specialists here in Florida for a few years now. While I still don't have any firm diagnosis I do have an abnormal clinical exam plus...
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    Hi I was reading your post regarding Neuromuscular doctors in Orlando. If I were you I would go...

    Hi I was reading your post regarding Neuromuscular doctors in Orlando. If I were you I would go and see Dr Juan Ros Escalante. He does his own emg's and is very knowledgeable. He is l9cated in Lake Mary. I seen been to both UF and USF and find UF to be better. Just an FYI, most local...
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    I need support

    I need support and I dont know who else to turn too. I realize we all have our path we need to walk alone and I know you all have been diagnosed with ALS but I really dont know who else to turn to in this time as no one understands as they only see me as a person who is not dying at the moment...
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    High lactic acid

    Hi Karen, I need some advice. So my Neurologist said I definitely dont have ALS and says that my upper neurological symptoms are very mild, brisk reflexes, Hoffman, tightness in legs. Plus my emg showed chronic isolated reinervation in both calves. I'm very fatigued after a day at work, have a...
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    High lactic acid

    Thanks for replying I also did read that high levels of lactic acid are found in PALS do too the amount of strain one puts on the muscles. I had emg's done in the past and they found chronic reinervation. But I'm scheduled for another emg on June 6th.
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    High lactic acid

    Does anyone here know if there's a connection with high lactic acid and MND? My doctor is doing another EMG and at that point selecting a muscle to biopsy. I know there are a lot of different diseases associated to high levels of lactic acid and strenuous exercise can cause it as well. I haven't...
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    I agree Thanks shiftkicker..
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    Thanks for your response shiftkicker. You are right about not being able to get a diagnosis. As for my clinical they have not been normal except for 2 of them and that's really weird. One of my emg's was abnormal showing Isolated Chronic Reinervation in both tibial muscles. He said it was a...