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  1. Sammantha

    God has overestimated me!

    Hey.. Ive been off for awhile. I went to university of michigan on hopes through my neuros at chapel hill that i had spastic paraplegia. A fifteen minute appointment, and i was told, i do not have a hereditary disorder and i have hope this is not a degenerative condition.....well shit so do I...
  2. Sammantha

    Nutrition, vitamins and herbs

    B12 and COQ10....are the only supplements my neuro suggested. I showed some spots on my brain so I think the coq10 is for memory. Your disease causes a lot of stress which can cause memory loss. I asked about coconut oil and my neuro said they just had a discussion on it, and that it couldn't...
  3. Sammantha


    The pics are under random.. no i dont get adjustments. my spine is perfectly fine, but the muscles are deteriorating in different places and i have found massage to work best, when i can get one. Its also good to shock them like hot cold hot cold....
  4. Sammantha


    i put some pics of my back, its not pretty! and people wonder why bending and long walks hurt so much!
  5. Sammantha

    The more the merrier! :)

    The more the merrier! :)
  6. Sammantha

    Ready to Explode! (disability coverage issues)

    Re: Ready to Explode! Thank you so much EVERYONE,,I have been on klonopin for 7 years now. 2mg a day/i finally went on baclofen full time which has made the horrible spastic leg/arm problrms go away. I find swimming is the only thing that helps, but my legs and back have gotten weaker since...
  7. Sammantha

    Ready to Explode! (disability coverage issues)

    Okkkkk, I have two fighting teens an unhappy lonely marriage and a difficult process of disability! My company disability approved long term but everytime they request a test they dont pay and my big fancy hospital takes two months to get the paperwork to them. I get notices that say you have...
  8. Sammantha


    I know how yoou feel, just whenyou have a chance NOT to think about your disorder, it slaps you in the face like how dare you forget! ONE day there will be a treatment and we can be like, take that! Although we might sound a little nuts, I dont care :)
  9. Sammantha

    Hi Ted, hope you are doing well...

    Hi Ted, hope you are doing well...
  10. Sammantha

    scared alone in pain

    Thank you everyone, i truly believe this site saves lives and sanity......when i say all that to my husband by the second sentence he is of watching t.v. and my psychiatrist just looks at me in horror! The doctor was going to explain my disorder to my kids but found that they are having so many...