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    ALS and Anger

    Have you considered writing to him? You could say newsy things or funny things, but nothing about him and his situation. Do this on a regular basis (2-3x a week or 1x a week). Don’t expect anything in return. My brother rejected me and I didn’t do anything but respect his wishes. He’s gone now...
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    Automatic door

    We had an Open Sesame door installed. It opens with voice command through Alexia and closes automatically. It also opens/closes manually so there is no concern if there were to be an electrical blackout. My PALS used it frequently to go outside in his power chair. When he was unable to get out...
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    VA Veterans Caregiver Program

    I used this program and liked it a lot. The monthly stipend was so very helpful. Ha I g ALS is an automatic acceptance.
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    Old Dog's Ex-Husband

    Where do you live? I’m in San Antonio and am selling a Hill-Rom hospital bed.
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    Possibly donating equipment in future

    I recently donated many items to ALSA where I live. They arranged to pick up. Felt good knowing this will help someone.
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    Breathing decline and discussion of vent …

    Last October it was recommended my PALS get a trach and ventilator. He said no. By this time he had no movement in his arms and legs. He also rejected a feeding tube for the same reason: he didn’t want to be kept alive by artificial means. He wanted nature to take its course. As hard as it was...
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    The endless todo list shortens v4.0

    We went to Europe and had a trip that we remembered forever. Have fun. Leslie
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    Got away...

    Never once asked why us because there is no answer. We tried to enjoy life, family and friends. I think we succeeded.
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    Brian’s wife

    I’m sorry you and your wife have gone through this. May your love for you each other sustain you during the days ahead of you. My husband, too, passed away a few weeks ago. My heart goes out to you and others who find themselves in our situation. Leslie
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    Wheelchair - permobil f3 - Braunability in a Toyota Sienna

    I just sold our 2020 Toyota Sienna that was adapted by BraunAbility. My PALS had a Quantum iLevel power chair and it was a perfect fit regarding turning radius and height. We previously had an adapted Dodge Caravan which was a tight fit and horrible shock absorbers. KarstBoy, I am interested in...