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    pseudo bulbar palsy

    Pray Hi, MJSTJ How are you? Your husband is diagnoised with the same kind of onset my husband had. My husband died last month. I miss him very much. Please, do alot of praying and spend as much time with him as you can. Do the things in life you enjoy doing TOGETHER! Be patient and love...
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    going good in aust with rilutek

    My Husband on Rilutek My husband was diagnoised October of 2006, with the Bulbar onset of ALS. He has been taking Rilutek...Every month , but the month of October 2007. This disease has progress so rapidly. It makes me wonder if this medicine has helped it slow down at all. This year...
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    Prayer Clock Ticking

    I am Praying Hi, Musicsmiles Here I am praying for Gina's husband and Don also. My thoughts and prayers are with them. May God Bless! Belinda
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    My Beautiful Mum

    So, Sorry Rachel So, Sorry Rachel for the loss of your mom. I lost my mom back in 2000. I know just how difficult it is... It helps me to think of her with GOD. Musicsmiles
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    Long term suffering from ALS

    I'm Sorry Hi, I am so sorry for your dad. My husband has ALS; he has the Bulbar onset and was diagnoised last year. From what I have read and hear, this horrible disease affected every person a little differently... Live each and every day believing in God and hoping some day for a cure...
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    BULBAR ALS Questions

    Until Now! AMEN Musicsmiles
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    Pain in BPB

    Your Mother's Pain Hi, Blueynadski, I am so sorry your mother is in such pain. I empathize with you too! I know my husband does go through alot of cramping before his muscles go weak, in certain areas of his body....and he is on Baclofen for the pain, it helps. I would definitley let the...
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    Pain in BPB

    My Husband Has PBP Hello, My Husband has PBP and he does have some cramping. Specialist have prescribed pain meds for it. Musicsmiles
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    questions for anyone with bulblar

    Any Slurring of Speech ? Hello Shawn My husband was diagnosed in October with the Bulbar onset of ALS. The first sign of his Bulbar onset was slurring his speech. It is very hard for him to swallow and he couphs alot. He has alot of trouble controlling his salivia, but he takes medicine at...
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    Choking on

    My Husband Too! Hi, AL This is Musicsmiles, my husband seems to be having a very similar problem to Sharon. He is on the medicine, amitriptyline. It does help somewhat with the husband couphs alot and he will bring his phlem up....only part way, then it gets caught...he then can...