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    Bladder Control Issues?

    Hi Tim, Perhaps it is just coincidence that your wife is suffering occasional incontinence at the same time as taking Rilutek. I am 53 and have had moments where I have been caught a little short. I think it is more about age and having given birth three times rather than anything to do with...
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    MND Progession?

    Jeannie, thank you for the link, I am working my way through them all, some amazing stories and amazing people.
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    MND Progession?

    Hello all, I am pretty new to MND, had no idea about the illness until I started to research my symptoms over the last few months while the Dr's did their multitude of tests. What I have noticed is that when you try to get an understanding of what lies ahead, everyone runs for cover, no-one is...
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    Detox updates anyone?

    For what it's worth, and I am probably nowhere near as informed as many of you who have been on this journey longer than me, my thoughts on the choices we make regarding detox and other treatments available are these. As fit and well individuals we made different lifestyle choices, based on our...
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    New? Introduce Yourself - Say Hello

    Re: Please take a moment to say hello Hello all, just found this forum today and it has a nice feel to it. I'm not Canadian, not even American but I hope you will let me stay:) I live in Australia, not too many ALS sufferers down this way (not too many people) and no forums that I have found. I...