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    Did any of you with ALS start with slurred speech?

    My husband started with slurred speech in feb of 2005. By November of 2006 he was having some coughing when drinking water or wine. He was diagnosed in Feb of 2007. Today he has not only ALS but also has significant dementia. He cannot speak and only eats via the PEG tube. One year ago he...
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    How do I tell him

    Judy, Your situation sounds so familiar. My husband diagnosed was in February. He felt that he would be cured and did not want to discuss any possibility of progression. Since that time, he has gone to tube feeding and has lost his speech. He also has signifincant dementia. Looking back the...
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    ALS Survival

    In my last post I indicated that all PALS would eventually develop dementia. This is not what I intended the post to say. What I meant was that from what I have seen in my research IF dementia does develop, it is usually seen earlier than the ALS Dx. Often times the Dementia is not recognized...
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    ALS Survival

    mamaofta, From what I have seen, it is now believed that ALS can and does cause cognative deline. In fact, this year my husband has been diagnosed of both ALS and dementia. They are considered to be related. I have met other caregivers who are also dealing with a loved one with both ALS and...
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    Question about ALS Clinic

    y husband also goes to Hershey clinic. He was referred to Hershey for a Dx after it was pretty much decided that the Dx was to be ALS. He had already been Dx with dementia. The Dr spent about 2 hours asking questions and performing the exam. We then left for lunch and returned 2 hours later...
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    shoulder drop

    My husband has started to walk with his right shoulder dropping lower than his left shoulder. It would seem that this is a sign of muscle weakness in the right shoulder or neck. Can anyone confirm that this is a normal sign of muscle weakness in the neck and shoulder region?
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    FTD Frontal Temporal Dementia and Bulbar ALS

    Keep Free, My husband also has ALS and Dementia. Although my husband's dementia has not progressed to the point your husbands has, it is already difficult to deal with the dementia. I am having some of the same thoughts of what to do how how to deal with the changes in him. How do I make...
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    Dementia and ALS

    Mary, What you describe on your web-page is not the type of dementia my husband is experiencing. In general, memory is not an issue for him even though he is not able to perform the programming he was capable of previously. THe programs he had written and the systems he developed were...
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    Dementia and ALS

    My husband has bulbar onset and also has dementia. He is only 55. At this point he has a limited diet and his speech is all but gone. He hsa not been persribed anything for the dementia but he does take baclofen for the muscle cramping. The baclofen does a good job of preventing the cramps...
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    possible als?

    I have a few questions on als. My husband is scheduled for a neurologist visit in a few weeks. I am very nervous and worried that it may be als. His symptoms are as follows: speech slurred for over a year and is getting progressively worse last few months has made gulping sounds when eating...