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    Family member recently diagnosed

    Welcome Chaddy Hi Chaddy...welcome to the most wonderful place to talk to people and get advice.... Lisa
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    Taking Rilutek - head pain?

    Hi Al.....yes my dad does go to sunnybrook his doctor is Dr. Lorne Zinman....and when my dad called Zinman he said he doubted it was either causing the pains..thank you very much for your is most helpful..... Lisa
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    Taking Rilutek - head pain?

    My Dad's taking Rilutek My dad started taking the Rilutek about a month ago...and he is not experiencing any headaches, but he is experiencing a lot of bowel problems (diarrhea all the time).... with painful cramps in his stomach....he has called his doctor who told him that it is neither the...
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    Grampal 2/ no 3 coming

    Congrats! Congratulations to you and your family with the arrival of your new granddaughter....
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    My Dad

    I'm Sorry Gina...sorry to hear about your dad......I am a newbie to this site as well I don't use it as much as I heart breaks for you...when I first read your newbie storey about how you felt about your dad when you found out about his ALS I can tell you that I feel the same way...
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    new, scared and confused

    Getting Harder My dad's symptoms are coming on really strong now.....he has a lot of pain from the spasms in his muscles which have now moved into his shoulders, neck and back....his arms don't work well anymore he can hardly hold his tooth brush. And this is only November we are talking only...
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    new, scared and confused

    New Member Hi there....I know exactly how you are dad is 57 years old and was just diagnosed with ALS April 11, 2006. He has lost the use of both of his arms and he now is having trouble with his throat....his symptoms seem to be coming fast....His doctor has indicated 2-5 years...