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    I think its over...

    Anna1980 Read Orpheous theory This will make you to fell better. Geia hara
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    another new member

    Welcome Heather xxxxx Don't loose the hope! Good you are here! One day will! Why not today?
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    Anyone who writes with eye movement?

    Hello all Now who become the ocean honey I lost the spoon! Lol Now I learned to write english I can't write I need soon new technology! Like eye movement! Geia hara Fotios One day will! Why not today?
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    I have fasciculation more than 10 years and a lot of yawning but diagnosed march 2004 . Normally the symptoms go from left to right or right to left site, it doesn't look to me the beginning of fasciculation. Did you got diagnosed with als? Did you check your spinal cord brain or liquid...
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    Detox updates anyone?

    Hello everyone! I think everyone pals try something and one day will be found something against als! Is so different one of the other symptoms, and this is good for someone who searchs for money Because we are easy customers lol Geia hara Fotios One day will! Why not today? PS.When I...
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    Hi Al It's me 100 % the last months I learned to express myself in english language. I am doing well , if you think we fight with a monster! I can still eat food with difficulty , doctor told me to make peg within the next time, my breath is 95% without smoke, my wife 98% with smoke lol I...
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    I Believe Love Is Stronger Than Any Illness.

    Sandy! If there is another dimension for better people! You are ready for this dimension! Geia hara Fotios
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    Congratulations for the forum! Bravo! Geia hara Fotios
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    Geia Hara

    There's a Turkish proverb that says: "Don't try to sell a mirror to the blind". Now I realize that you don't need a mirror. This was my last post in this forum. Geia Hara
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    To be Polite yes or no?

    Noone understood why. I did it to support Dave Queen. Now you know. This is my penultimate post in this forum. I'll explain more clearly in my last post.