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    Al, did cut me a break.

    Good to see you today :) Lorie, So glad to here you are getting a van for your brother. Peggy Alexander
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    Info about Duke ALS Clinic

    :)We just got back from the Duke Clinic. Our daughter lives in Raleigh and wanted us to get a second opinion. We were very pleased. They were very helpful and informative. Do plan on spending most of the day. You will see alot of specialists.
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    To Geo

    :)Thank you for your input. My husband Jerry has applied and is now on disability social security. I still think will need to have a secondary insurance when he does receive medicare. He did speak to someone in the Social Security office that sent him an application that states it's possible he...
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    Peggy Jerry Alexander's wife

    Hi! Had a question about insurance. My husband Jerry has been diagnosed with PLS. I was mentioning to him that he may need to look into a secondary insurance such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield C Plus to cover what his other insurance doesn't. He seems to think that he is not going to have very many...
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    PLS and Skin Diseases at onset anyone

    Skin diseases My husband Jerry has broken out with a rash over the weekend. I haven't changed out laundry detergent or anything, so we're not sure if this is part of PLS. I read Geo post and am wondering if we need to rule out some other things. Jerry's going to our regular MD this afternoon...
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    My husband diagnosised with PLS

    Hi! I signed up for this site so my husband could get on here and ask questions about PLS. Right now were trying to absorb what the doctor has said. I'm really concerned about my husband's state of mind right now and not sure what to do for him. Both of my daughter's Stephanie and Shannon have...