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    Nevulizer Question

    Hi Everyone, Been awhile since I've posted:(. I've just been lurking, but now I have some questions. I recently have begun using my Bipap about 16hrs a day. I am also having problems with Mucus. I start coughing with every breath. I go off the Bipap and try using the Cough Assist to clear the...
  2. rbtro

    Shoulder Atrophy

    I have some shoulder atrophy in both arms. My PT said my shoulders are dropping out of socket. There is no muscle to support them. I have pain in both. Being unable to sleep on my back aggravates this condition. I awake from the pain in the shoulder and have to be turned to the other side about...
  3. rbtro

    Bad Week for the Old Man

    Old Man feeling better Well let me begin by thanking you all for the support. I have followed Pat's suggestions and appreciate Beth's info. I hope Shannon is feeling well. Al I have not posted, but have been reading often. I am a CEO (Christmas and Easter Only). I hope everyone has a happy...
  4. rbtro

    Bad Week for the Old Man

    Hi all, It has been a while since I have posted. I have dropped in to the lurking mode. Let me say thanks again for mantaining this Website. It has been a Godsend. But on with my sad story. I turned 60 on the 26th of March. I had a wonderful day. My wife had open house and invited many friends...
  5. rbtro

    Happy Holidays!

    I just wanted to add my wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all. Rich
  6. rbtro

    Another view on Ventilators to consider

    Once again, you've done it, given us a powerful article and more food for thought. Sorry to hear your having problems with the kidneys. I saw the urologist last month he says "I see no problem other then your neuropathy and MND". I too am in the decision state for vent or not to vent. Saw the...
  7. rbtro

    Can't use bipap?

    Can't use BiPAP? Pam, You will just have to convince J to keep trying. Get a Pulmonary therapist to adjust the settings to a comfortable level. I was prescribed a BiPAP at my first ALS Clinic. No sleep test just a FVC. I chose the Mystic Swift Nasal Mask. It was the least intrusive and allowed...
  8. rbtro

    I broke footrest on wheelchair

    Now that the Als have checked in. I will have to add my own experience. I was told by the mobility expert at the ALS clinic that I needed to recline my seat every 15 mins to prevent pressure sores. I told him that was ridiculous. I have taken to reclining every 1-11/2 yrs. to reposition my...
  9. rbtro

    When to go on disability?

    How about tomorrow? Well, as most say it is a difficult decision. I personally have made the decision that I have worked as long as I can. I am going on disability as of Monday. I too enjoyed my job and the company has been extremely supportive. The problem is that I have always been a...
  10. rbtro

    Someone Please Reply To Me

    Hi Jan You are not alone! Jan, I have to agree with Big Al. Sorry to hear you may be joining our club. I have posted my philosophy for living. I also feel that I am blessed and highly favored. I have a large support group and a loving wife(CALS). I pray that you have as much or more. I read...