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    reply Darren, You have a lot on your plate. I am so sorry to hear about your troubles. I can assure you you will find friends and support on this website. I have found so much support, it has been overwhelming and incredible. How old are you? It would be wonderful if you could move...
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    Why Is There Not More Government Funding For This Illness?

    it is true. When I started researching this disease through my journey, I was appauled at the lack of support and funding this horrific disease has. Like you said, for as long as it has been around, it is a shame we have not progressed with any treatment thus far. Terri
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    incredible support

    Everyone, Thank you for being so gracious. God Bless, Hoping everyone the best Terri
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    incredible support

    I feel the need to say this forum is an incredible wealth of support and compassion. The few months I have been on here has been incredible. I can't imagine finding this much compassion and support anywhere else. As I go through my journey of going to neurologists, they do not feel I have a...
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    have you heard of Jonathan Blais

    Have you guys heard of Jonathan Blais, He is suppose to be a gentleman who has ALS, and is either going to do or has already done the ironman competition. He is raising money for ALS research. I Saw him on the internet, wondering if this is true or not. Terri
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    If You Could

    Spending more quality time with my family and friends. Terri
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    Maybe some Good News

    Hi everyone, I am not sure how to start a new post. I still haven't learned, so I apologize if I am in the wrong spot. Has anyone heard of a guy named, Jonathan Blais. He apparently is a guy with ALS, who is either did or is going to complete the ironman competition. Is this for real or...
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    Birthday wishes

    Gigi Happy Birthday to you! Terri
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    Lymes test came back... another negative

    Dear zny444, You know you mentioned butt pain that radiates to the groin. That doesn't sound like ALS. Have you had an MRI of the spine, specifically lumbar, maybe what you are experiencing is a sciatica. That pain can be very painful. And like everyone says, the muscle twitching could...
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    Saw Neuro Tuesday

    Kazzy, I am thinking of you hoping for the best. I definitely agree waiting is the worst. Terri