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    I'm sorry I bought it up. I can't seem to find my place here. Thanks Nikki for sharing, you're a wealth of knowledge. Lgelb, I get it you lost someone, so you think you know, you don't. I wanted to be just fleetingly hopeful. I was happy that there was even an article. Nikki got it, Spirit...
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    Too late for a PEG?

    hi Lauren, I just got my feeding tube placed this past July. I was diagnosed November 7,2016. I am paralyzed from the shoulders down, and am completely reliant on my bipap. I opted to have the procedure done using local anesthesia only. It really was 15 minutes. I kept my nasal pillows in no...
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    Tolieting Issues NEED help!

    I use a bedpan for all of my toileting needs. It works perfectly in bed, recliner, or wheelchair. Take an open diaper and slide the front portion of it into the bedpan, absorbent side up, slide bedpan under your person allow the back portion of the diaper to go over the front of your person...
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    Nurown Don't know where a lot of you stand where this...
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    PALS ROLL CALL NEW THREAD (PALS ONLY) [Wednesday or whenever]

    It's a cold wet, gray day. Being paralyzed with no-one to take you anywhere. Truth be told where is there to go. I am usually so good about not getting stuck in the ALS mire, today it's too much. I haven't gotten out of bed in weeks. I made the decision not to be wrestled into clothes like a...
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    Make a sentence game

    global - - Gentlemen listen ostensibly, boys abhor listening. ostensibly
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    well this has been something.
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    First timer

    Hi Anna, I was diagnosed November 7th, 2016. It started with two fingers on my left hand. I am so sorry you're on this journey, but I am glad you found us. The people here are the best. We may not always have the answers, but we all have developed big shoulders to sustain each other. God bless you.
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    New ALS fighter

    Welcome, I concur with everything that has been addressed in the other posts. The thing that jumped out at me, was your mentioning your walk. Please obtain a rollator, one of the major concerns is falling, it exacerbates the disease.
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    Amylyx Educational Summit in Advance of Releasing Data